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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

"Nancy is a highly Intuitive Life Coach, Relationships Coach & Healer who has helped many people. Nancy specializes in helping you cope with life's transitional changes". 

~Diane Buchberger, Canadian Healer/Writer Earth Angels Blog Talk Radio


· Individuals~Couples~Partners

· Organizations

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· StressLess™ Management

· Spiritual Coaching

This dynamic process begins and ends with you the client. Together, we create an atmosphere of trust so that there's an openness to explore your issues which helps in the discovery process. When you feel seen, understood and recognized as the many faceted person you are, it allows your essence and gifts to emerge to encourage your personal growth. Together we'll identify your wants and I'll listen to what matters, allowing the bigger picture of your life to unfold.

We'll create form & structure, make an action plan to help remind yourself your values, vision and goals - and establish your own accountability in the process so that you hold focus on what matters most.

~ free 15 minute Consultation ~

With over 25 years experience in holistic & spiritual practices, which include healing with energy medicine, I bring in Western & Eastern approaches of alternative healing to facilitate optimum results to your life. My practice is based on these guiding principles along with visualization techniques of the Law Of Attraction. More than just 'talk' my approach gets to the heart of the matter. I offer compassion & humor while giving the clear insight which facilitates change.

"At an early age I became aware my desire to help people & their suffering; whether it was a kind word, a slight contact with their hand or a gentle touch to their shoulder, I knew I could make a genuine connection to a person's heart, and know that this was healing". 

Enrich your relationships - improve and strengthen your personal life. Discover better eating habits - exercise and participate in your own stress reduction. Advance your professional life - expand your knowledge - follow your passion.




The foundation of all Transformational Coaching

is based on


Embracing Oneself ~ both polarities


Natural openings



Many of us have a critical inner dialogue or commentary going on in our minds much of the time. We tend to see our 'problems' or 'issues' as negative. An alternative approach is to see each situation as an opportunity - a blessing in disguise - an opportunity to learn from and grow from insightful reflection.

By consciously redirecting the inner dialogue from self-criticism to an attitude of curiosity and challenge "What new learning is in store for me here?" The moment we begin to understand this process and work with our issue(s) at the core, then healing can begin...I have found that what is important is Emotional Intelligence, which plays a large part in the process. Being self-aware, self-regulating and motivated are key ingredients. As you then recognize the source of your mind~body thoughts you can release them and in so doing increases your health and vitality which then, in turn, allows a more positive outlook to emerge and happier feelings will surface which will help you have a clearer focus on what matters.

Are you struggling with a relationship issue or searching to find deeper meaning and spiritual understanding? Together, you & I can explore your situation.

As part of the process, I'll shine the light when you're in the dark and help you illuminate and identify where you get stuck, how you sabotage yourself, and what motivates you.

I can offer you guidance, insight & compassion while adding lightness & joy to assist you in uncovering the layers of discovery. 

If you have issues or addictions to food (overeating), smoking, compulsive shopping, anger or rage-aholic behaviors - even looking to find false satisfaction in Adult 'Chat' rooms is sabotage. By creating distance or having affairs when you're married or in a monogamous relationship, these substitutes are replacements of something that is missing/unresolved within. Let's explore these issues together.

Do you overspend? Do you collect things beyond your financial means? Are you a hoarder? We can explore these topics and other emotional & behavioral habits as well.

Coaching is also helpful in navigating you towards achieving those areas in your life that you wish to improve upon for the better. Once we identify the area of difficulty, then we can map out your road to success with ways in which to live your life with more energy, more enthusiastic anticipation about life and less anxiety.

Applying Holistic methods, principles of Body/Mind Integration, using transformational, trans-personal & energy psychology, incorporating visualization along with Jungian approaches, intuitive wisdom, while integrating cognitive & eclectic approaches.

I love, love, love writing and being a Coach! I had the unique privilege and opportunity of being a Life Coach for Elizabeth Gilbert of 'Eat, Pray, Love' - before the book, before the movie at the Frenchtown Holistic Fair Sponsored by Yoga Loka.

 Liz came to me looking for Intuitive Life Coaching advice, (she had her business in town at the time)..she confided that she wanted Julia Roberts to play her and asked how to eat spaghetti, and I advised her to use both upper and lower case letters for the title of the book instead of all Capital letters, (which she did for the movie) also to use the more commonly known fungule for cazzo in the movie where her new Swedish friend was slapped on the backside.

She asked me if you would get back together with your lover from Brazil and i answered yes. Elizabeth even took out the picture the gift from Tut and showed it to me. It was wonderfully magical to see it all unfold on-screen.

Her sharing was like having a preview of it all and when I watch it all on screen, I recall many of the sayings and my advice that were woven into the movie - it takes me back to that day.

I gave her my thoughts, and saw it all possible and told her it would be a great success and it is...still!

As your Life Coach, you and I will journey together to find the truth, while assisting you in creating a life that will give you more satisfying relationships with friends, family and perhaps eve co-workers. We will sit down and develop a health may for better eating habits and exercise and then incorporate these skills into your lifestyle. If you wish to 'Dress for Success', as a former Hairdresser & Color Analyst, I will help you design a look that includes shape, length and color that will work with your facial~body type as well as personality to integrate into your career.

Active Listening is a method that fuels social, professional and personal success. It goes beyond ordinary listening which fosters more effective communication. It is a way of listening and responding to another person that deepens the relationship between you and the other person. Often when people talk to each other, they don't listen attentively. They are often distracted, half listening, half thinking.

I will treat you as a multifaceted precious gem with whom I will allow you to reveal your many sides while giving you my complete attention and see you as having the inner resources to have the answer - You Are Bigger Than Your Circumstances!

Reflective Listening is the cornerstone of coaching; clarifying, reflecting back and articulating. When we focus on the words, tone and body language and reflect back the person's desires, we build trust. Trust leads to understanding and understanding leads to growth. Real listening allows you to feel validated, loved, appreciated, respected and builds self-esteem. It's especially helpful for young children and teens.

  Results are profound & life-altering 

Phone coaching* is available - an effective way to achieve positive results, especially for someone who travels extensively and is unable to hold an office appointment and is economical considering the current trend in rising gas prices. This is also ideal for the person who wants the comforts of home & familiar surroundings that help relax and assist in the Coaching process. *Phone coaching is also perfect for someone who is housebound due to restrictions in emotional or physical incapacity to travel. 

I'm available statewide, Canada & overseas. Consultations are Free. To schedule an appointment call me @ 267-221-7160. I offer comparable, reasonable rates.

You can schedule your Life Coaching sessions in a more convenient & affordable way with PayPal. We'll begin once an appointment is established & after a confirmation is made. 

1 HOUR.............................................................................................................. $120

6 weeks of Coaching.........................................................................................$680

If you cannot keep your appointment due to conflict in schedule, a 24 hour notice is required. Last minute/same day cancellations or no show - there is a $50 charge implemented.

I'm also an experienced Speaker -

Pennsylvania Convention Center | 'Stress Break', followed by a guided Meditation

Holy Redeemer Health System | "Intuition"

Libertae Halfway House |"How to Love Yourself"

Shawnee at Highpoint | Meditation 

 - and a guest speaker| WDVRFM, Hey-Z Radio Network & Earth Angels Radio.