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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

“Polarity Counseling” Overview Guiding Principles

The goal of Polarity Therapy assessment is to figure out where to establish initial contact and what process might be most supportive; it is not about trying to determine what is “wrong” but rather how to get in sync with clients through recognition of their strategies for managing life experience.

Be gentle and gradual, in keeping with a natural process. Healing happens in the present more than the past; de-emphasize cause-and-effect thinking, pathologizing of conditions, excavating of past events, creating symbolic interpretations.

Having awareness is curative. Emphasize client self-responsibility & autonomy.

Polarity counseling* techniques are relaxed and open exploration that involves your own discovery with gentle unfolding. I hold a sacred space that allows your own inner awareness to blossom, while developing your own self-awareness, and assist you in self-observation.
I will help you discover your ability to be present with yourself & witness your own body's emotions & thoughts, sensations - skills that can be cultivated.  .
you strengthen & deepen your ability to be present and intimate within yourself, you will be building the foundation for creating & experiencing intimacy with others.

Polarity Therapists have -

Skills of Being Centering & Grounding Neutral, non-judgmental, non-pathological attitude Avoid “better than” or “less than” thinking Stillness in self, freedom to witness both internal and external phenomena.

Skills of Relationship Presence & Contact, proximity is not too close or too far Wide perspective viewing, not tunnel vision Compassionate; not enmeshing or abandoning

Skills of Listening Listening generally, Detecting subtle movements Letting client “feel heard;” “I See You”

Skills of Recognition Relating to Health via Primary Respiration, Breath of Life, Stillness “Remote viewing” of tissues, patterns, zones, segments, movements Differentiating layers of the system: bone, soft tissue, organs, fluids, energy Identifying Three Principles and Five Elements in action Skills of Conversation Verbal & non-verbal posing questions & receiving responses via tissue gestures Appreciation of whatever is present; “catch the client doing something right” Follow expressions to fullness and suggest “wait”