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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

           "Holistic health & wellness"

45 West 46th St., 4th floor, NY, NY 10036         267-221-7160 

Life Wheel Coaching is the perfect 'Feng Shui' approach for every aspect of living and works very well. It all requires you to participate in areas of your life to create balance & personal fulfillment.

Sometimes we get lost along the way to where we think we should be going, should be doing. We feel dissatisfaction following in the footsteps of our father's or mothers desires - a mapped out life for us that was set in motion when we were young. It was what was expected or we thought it was what we were suppose to want. Now you are finding and realizing something is missing, that this isn't what bring you passion, joy or even satisfaction. It brings in the money, but it doesn't feed your soul.

Test Yourself. Assign a number from 1 to 10 in each category from the above chart. Write 1 if you are very unsatisfied and up to 10 if you are totally satisfied with this area of your life.

Look at your scores -

  • What are the two lowest scores?
  • What are the two areas you would most like to increase or create more of?

Imagine for a moment how would this make you feel if you could significantly move forward in these 2 areas, then think about what actions you can take to start fulfilling these areas of your life. Why not start today!!