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Nancy J Walton RMT | Energy ~ Sound ~ Color Therapies | Feng Shui

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It is now generally accepted that when the vital human energy field is healthy, it maintains a natural autonomous rhythm in which each organ of the body has its own corresponding energetic rhythm within the etheric field. Between the spheres of the various organs, the different rhythms interact as if a transfer function were occurring. When the body is whole and healthy, these rhythms transfer easily from organ to organ. In illness, the energy rhythms and patterns are changed so that there is an irregularity between them, resulting in energy dissipation or accumulation rather than an easy flow through all tissue.

The HEF is a combination of scientifically measurable components: electrostatic, magnetic, electromagnetic, sonic, thermal, and visual aspects that are consistent with the physiological processes of the human body. Measurements show definite frequencies for each different color layer of the aura. They also show it to be fluid in motion and made of subatomic particles, which, when charged, move together in clouds known as plasmas.

Plasmas follow certain physical laws, which scientists believe to be a state between energy and matter, a state of matter now referred to as bioplasma. However, a human energy field defined simply as an electromagnetic field is insufficient. EMF does not explain the irrefutable evidence of psychic phenomena associated with the HEF, such as precognition, past life awareness, ESP, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Many now consider the HEF to be the memory store of all past experiences, knowledge, and spiritual awareness, contrary to the popular belief that these are stored in the physical brain.

The HEF (aura) is now accepted as the bioplasmic ethereal body surrounding and penetrating the human form. It is the physical, emotional, and spiritual protective field from which most illnesses are either defeated or accumulate to the lower density of the physical body.Conversely, the aura also reflects the condition of the physical body. If the body is in a disease state, the aura will be dull and lacking in vitality. Some people can see the aura but most cannot. Some "see" it clairvoyantly or intuitively.

The HEF field has several different components and can be broken into at least seven different layers encompassing the body. These seven layers are commonly reported in the esoteric literature and by individuals from various cultures worldwide who have the ability to perceive the HEF (Brennan, 2006). Each layer has its own frequency and hence its own color. Each is connected via the chakras to the physical body.

The seven layers are divided into three lower and three upper groups plus the final seventh. The lower three layers are associated with the physical world. The upper three layers metabolize energies related to the spiritual world. The fourth layer, the dividing band between the two groups, is the astral level and is associated with the heart chakra through which all energies must pass in transit from one group and one reality to another. In other words, spiritual energy must pass through the heart process to be transformed to physical energy. Conversely, physical energy will transform to spiritual energy as it exits through the heart chakra.

The ethereal layer lies closest to the body and is the energy matrix within which bodily tissues are formed prior to manifesting into physical form. The ethereal layer has the same structure as the physical body, including all the anatomical parts and organs. This energy field sets up the matrix in the shape of the body parts prior to their cellular growth in their ultimate physical form. The matrix is formed before the cells materialize physically.

Just one-quarter to two inches in width, light blue to gray in color, the ethereal layer is composed of a sparkling web of energy lines upon which the physical matter of the body tissues is shaped and anchored (Brennan, 1988; *.

The Second Layer: Emotional Body

This layer is associated with emotions and feelings. It follows the outline of the physical body and penetrates the ethereal field. Extending about three inches around the physical body (Govinda, 2002), this layer comprises all the colors of the rainbow in colored clouds of fine substances, which are in constant fluid motion. Colors become clearer and more vivid when influenced by highly energized feelings such as love, excitement, joy, or anger.. Confused and depressive feelings tend to muddy and darken the hue (Brennan, 1988).

The third aura body is associated with thoughts and mental processes. Appearing predominantly as a bright yellow light radiating about the head and shoulders, the third layer extends about three to eight inches from the body.* It extends and brightens as the owner concentrates on mental processes. Thought forms appear as blobs of bright yellow with additional colored hues emanating from the emotional layer (Brennan, 1988).

The heart is the key to all. Through this layer and its associated chakra filter all energies, thoughts, and experiences, which ultimately affect us emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Composed of colored clouds more beautiful than the emotional body, the fourth layer is infused with the rose color of love. This is the dividing band between the lower and upper groups. It is associated with the heart chakra through which all energies must pass in transit from one group of layers and from one reality to another. In other words, spiritual energy must pass through the heart process to be transformed to physical energy. Conversely, physical energy will transform to spiritual as it exits through the heart chakra. It extends one half foot to one foot around the body*.

A great deal of interaction takes place between people on this astral level. Clouds of color stretch out across a room between people, some pleasant, some not. You may feel uneasy about someone you are not even talking to, or there can be a colorful bonding interaction between two people who have never met. Brennan (1988) claims she can observe lots of energy forms exchanging between a man and a woman fantasizing about lovemaking. She claims there is an actual testing in the energy fields to see if the fields are synchronous and if the people are compatible. She adds that when people form relationships, they grow cords out of the aura fields, through the chakras that connect them. The longer the relationship, the more chords and the stronger they are. When the relationship ends, the chords are torn, often causing a great deal of pain ("heartache") until they disconnect and reroute within the self.

This layer contains all the forms that exist on the physical plane in a template or blueprint form, like a negative; hence it is known as the template body. It projects this template of the body to the etheric layer (first layer) where body tissues are then materialized on the grid matrix upon which the physical body grows. It extends from one and one-half to two feet from the body (Brennan, 1988 * When distortion in the etheric layer is detected, work is necessary in the template layer to provide support for the etheric layer in its original template form.

To the attuned healer, the template form contains the entire structure of the auric field, including chakras, body organs, and body forms in a negative blueprint format. This layer connects physical reality with other realities.

The sixth layer, or celestial body, is the emotional level of the spiritual plane. This is the level through which we experience spiritual ecstasy. We can reach it through meditation and other forms of transformation. It is from here we can reach a point of "being" where we know our connection with all the universe—we immerse in the Light and feel we are of it and it of us—and we are at one with God (Brennan, 1988).

When the open celestial chakra connects with the open heart chakra, we experience unconditional love of all humanity, of humans in the flesh, and of spiritual love that goes beyond the physical to all realms of reality.

The sixth layer extends two to three and a quarter feet from the body in a shimmering opalescent pastel light*. It appears to radiate out from the body like the glow around a candle.

Causal Body

The causal body is sometimes considered the closest thing to the soul. The record of all that a soul has experienced upon the physical earth plane (current as well as past lives) is said to be contained in an individual’s causal body (Gerber, 2000).

This is the mental level of the spiritual plane. It extends about two and one half to three and one half feet in an oval shape around the body. It comprises a shimmering light of golden silver threads, pulsating at very high frequency, which holds the whole auric form together. It has a thin protective layer on the outside rather like an eggshell, which protects the enclosed fields (Brennan, 1988).

This golden field supplies the main power current that runs up and down the spine and nourishes the entire body. As this current pulsates up and down the spine, it carries energy through the roots of each chakra and connects them to the energies carried into the body by the chakras.

The seventh layer can only be perceived through the experience of enlightenment. This is the level of one’s divine self*

*Govinda, 2002