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"Nancy is a highly Intuitive Life Coach, Relationships Coach & Healer who has helped many  people. Nancy specializes in helping you cope with life's transitional changes". ~Diane Buchberger, Canadian Healer/Writer  Earth Angels' Blog Talk Radio
Nancy Jean Walton, RMT, CRP Energy Therapist and Law of Attraction Coach, offering holistic alternatives for living a healthy and vibrant life                       
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This is a dynamic process which begins and ends with you the client. Together, we create an atmosphere of trust so that there is an openness to explore your issues which helps in the discovery process. When you feel seen, understood and recognized as the many faceted person you are, it allows your essence and gifts to emerge to encourage your personal growth.  Together we'll identify your wants and I'll listen to what matters, allowing the bigger picture of your life to unfold.
 We'll create form & structure, make an action plan to help remind yourself your values, vision and goals - and establish your own accountability in the process so that you hold focus on what matters most.

~  free 15 minute Consultation ~
Enrich your relationships - improve and strengthen your personal life. Discover better eating habits - exercise and participate in your own stress reduction. Advance your professional life - expand your knowledge - follow your passion.



The foundation of all Transformational Coaching is based on

Embracing Oneself ~ both polarities
Natural openings
Many of us have a critical inner dialogue or commentary going on in our minds much of the time. We tend to see our 'problems' or 'issues' as negative. An alternative approach is to see each situation as an opportunity - a blessing in disguise - an opportunity to learn from and grow from insightful reflection.
By consciously redirecting the inner dialogue from self-criticism to an attitude of curiosity and challenge "What new learning is in store for me here?" The moment we begin to understand this process and work with our issue(s) at the core, then healing can begin..
 I have found that what is important is Emotional Intelligence, which plays a large part in the process. Being self-aware, self-regulating and motivated are key ingredients. As you then recognize the source of your mind~body thoughts you can release them and in so doing increases your health and vitality which then, in turn, allows a more positive outlook to emerge and happier feelings will surface which will help you have a clearer focus on what matters.
Are you struggling with a relationship issue or searching to find deeper meaning and spiritual understanding?   Together, you & I can explore your situation.  
As part of the process, I'll shine the light when you're in the dark and help you illuminate and identify where you get stuck, how you sabotage yourself, and what motivates you. 
I can offer you guidance, insight & compassion while adding lightness & joy to assist you in uncovering the layers of discovery. 
If you have issues or addictions to food, smoking, compulsive shopping, anger or rage-aholic behaviors - even looking to find false satisfaction in Adult 'Chat' rooms is sabotage. By creating distance or having affairs when you're married or in a monogamous relationship, these substitutes are replacements of something that is missing/unresolved within. Let's explore these issues together.
Do you overspend? Do you collect things beyond your financial means? Are you a hoarder? We can explore these topics and other emotional & behavioral habits as well.
Coaching is also helpful in navigating  you towards achieving those areas in your life that you wish to improve upon for the better.  Once we identify the area of difficulty, then we can map out your road to success with ways in which to live your life with more energy, more enthusiastic anticipation about life and less anxiety.
Applying Holistic methods, principles of Body/Mind Integration, using transformational, trans-personal  & energy psychology, incorporating visualization along with Jungian approaches, intuitive wisdom, while integrating cognitive & eclectic approaches.
As your Life Coach, you and I will journey together to find the truth, while assisting you in creating a life that will give you more satisfying relationships with friends, family and perhaps eve co-workers.  We will sit down and develop a health may for better eating habits and exercise and then incorporate these skills into your lifestyle.  If you wish to 'Dress for Success', as a former Hairdresser & Color Analyst, I will help you design a look that includes shape, length and color that will work with your facial~body type as well as personality to integrate into your career.
Active Listeningis a method that fuels social, professional and personal success. It goes beyond ordinary listening which fosters more effective communication. It is a way of listening and responding to another person that deepens the relationship between you and the other person. Often when people talk to each other, they don't listen attentively. They are often distracted, half listening, half thinking.
I will treat you as a multifaceted precious gem with whom I will allow you to reveal your many sides while giving you my complete attention and see you as having the inner resources to have the answer - You Are Bigger Than Your Circumstances!
Reflective Listening is the cornerstone of coaching; clarifying, reflecting back and articulating. When we focus on the words, tone and body language and reflect back the person's desires, we build trust. Trust leads to understanding and understanding leads to growth. Real listening allows you to feel validated, loved, appreciated, respected and builds self-esteem. It's especially helpful for young children and teens.
   Law Of Attraction
“You have to live spherically - in many directions. Never lose your childish enthusiasm - and things will come your way.”
― Federico Fellini
The Law Of Attraction isn't wishful thinking. It's not just positive thinking.  Thinking alone will not give you what you want. There must be an accompanying energy~desire, a strong desire fueled from the heart; without a heart connection there's stasis. It takes patience & clarity in finding out what it is you want, what really matters, as well as what is for your highest good.  It helps seeing the end result of a desired outcome; believe that it's already attained - and YOU have to set it in motion.
We walk around with our thoughts which emanate from us, & as such vibrates with a resonance. This transmits as energetic frequencies.  So it stands to reason that if you are in a natural state of happiness and wellbeing you will then attract more of that to you and into your life - you would want to be around such radiant happiness!  As you practice creating a more satisfying life this energy will more and more, shift a negative life perspective into a more positive and joyous one. 

"Your vision will become clear when you can look into your own heart; who looks outside dreams - who looks inside awakes" ~ Carl Jung

In using this 'Law' We need to get clear on what it is we want to attract a job, apartment or location, car and then practice visualization every day and you will begin to vibrate to that idea. Timing plays an important part of this process. You must wait on the 'Will of Heaven' to align that which will lead you to your destiny.
Part of the lessons in life come along with our desires so that way must go through certain experiences that help us learn what is important (some of these experiences are karmic, some are carried over from our unconscious connection with the history of family patterns),  awakening your subconscious mind will help you clear the way to attract that which best serves your highest aspirations which is that of your Spirit.
We are to begin by looking at and appreciating that which we already have - which includes the gifts of nature, such as a beautiful sunset or our loving family pet(s). Begin small and shift your focus on what is good in your life and you will begin to attract more and more into your consciousness  in this way you begin to emanate a peaceful spirit- and joy and happiness are the results.
Sometimes we are surrounded by negative people which can seriously impact our vibration and our health.  As you become more aware, you must be attentive to your environment so that you can change the vibration and soon, less and less negativity will impact you and more and more positive experiences will enter into your life.  The transition can be challenging and you may go through some 'testy' times,  as negative emotions can easily undermine our positive intentions and goals, however if you are committed you can 'break through' any negative pattern if you keep your eye on the prize - and lovingly guide your thoughts towards your goal -
Emotional Reprogramming
"Thoughts become things"  Transform your thoughts to create that which you seek and then practice this thinking everyday,  Focus on what you want, what motivates you.  Invoking the LOA fueled by heart~desire, THIS will begin to shift your energies to begin to attract that very thing.
Negative emotions easily undermine our positive intentions.  Acknowledge them. Remember it's okay to feel your feelings - use them as tools of self discovery - they will help uncover the blocks of frustration and unhappiness to help you learn to love yourself more and this will assist in the process of inner peace.  
Just remember the brain is wired to give more attention to negative feelings that positive ones, as this once served us under a threat of survival in our primitive limbic system.   You can rewire your thoughts by using meditation, prayer with positive, optimistic thinking. 
You will begin to rebuild your brain so that it will help you succeed in creative positive, meaningful relationships, as LOA is based on the principle of neural resonance.  If we embody positive, uplifting thoughts, other people will begin to resonate to our positive energy.  A genuine, kind, loving, peaceful, compassionate and generous demeanor will attract the same and similar in people who will be willing to help you reach your highest goals and dreams.
I'm a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner by Dr. Joe Vitale The Secret & Steve G. Jones. Once I began their course, new energies began to take shape and has momentum!  Before this, I look back over my life and realize I have used Law of Attraction for most of my life (before I knew what it was 'called') like finding the perfect parking space back in 1980's. I have beenworking with visualization all along, recognizing my inner compass directional pulls and that have led me to all that I have in my life.
In love, I have learned that the process can take a little longer for any one of us to find what resonates within,  to gain understanding about what Love is and is not and what a relationship is for you so that you attract through your clarity that vibration which allows for the other person to show up in our lives  -  then we must be willing to jump in.
 While the world is moving faster it takes many things to direct us and connect us. It is easier finding the necessities of life and the accessories such as furniture, and appliances.  - most of what is in my home has been furnished by my listening to go to where it was - of what I wanted and was looking for - I have been blessed by getting the very thing I was seeking to furnish my home, because each request came from my heart.
I've even manifested for friends! Diana wanted a certain type of rug  and I used my Intuition and Law of Attraction  vibration to locate what she wanted.   We hopped into my car and at the very first store we stopped in, she found one.

Back in 2002, David wanted a very inexpensive fireplace screen and so I just requested from the Universe that it be fulfilled - I wasn't sure how, but I felt sure that it would soon show up. One afternoon I driving a few blocks from my place, I almost didn't believe my eyes because this was so quickly answered - yet, there it was along with the accessories!  David was totally amazed, but I was confident that the Universe would fulfill this request because it came from a place of genuine desire from my heart to 'gift' him.  I do believe this is what begain his LOA journey.
Imagine, though, shopping using visualization your intuition with LOA.  I'm environmentally conscious and a firm believer in repurposing, so imagine getting everything you wanted without sales flyers or a catalogue by using your Higher Mind!  
I know these are 'things'. It's not perverse to surround yourself with what makes a house a home, in comfortable attractive surroundings that bring about a pleasant living environment.  It is only when you become obsessed with owning things more than enjoying life that it becomes perverse. 
If you want to attain financial success, let's focus on what moves you motivates you and ignites an inner drive and passion for life.
Wealth is subjective, and for some people...being with people who love you, and you love - to them that cannot be measured in dollars and cents; that finding peace, joy and calm is the treasure.   It becomes not about things, but about inner peace - all else will follow.

This is also part of what' The Secret' reveals -  you must do the inner work, happiness is an inside job, as money won't bring you happiness, it just makes living a little easier.

For those who want to make a difference by making the world a better place, start with the inner work, and while you are doing the inner work, go volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or find what is your passion and create a space of love within your heart to transform the world ♥ 
Here are some wonderful affirmations that can work for you if you practice them every day:
Positive Affirmations on Creating Abundance
feel the words as true with deep resonant feeling and you will have results
I live in an abundant Universe - I always have everything I need

I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love

My energy is focused and directed toward my goals

I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me

My thoughts are loving and positive

I choose the path of most LIGHT

I honor myself in everything I do
I am in integrity in all that I do

My beliefs create my reality - I believe in my unlimited prosperity

Money flows into my life - I am prosperous

I speak of success and prosperity - My words uplift and inspire others

I live in an abundant world - All is perfect in my universe

I surrender to my higher good

As I do what I love, abundance flows freely to me

I am linked with the unlimited abundance of the Universe

Miracles are love in action

I have a unique, special contribution to make

Everything I do adds beauty, harmony, order & LIGHT to the Universe

I am in charge of my destiny - I am the builder of my life

The Universe is safe, abundant & friendly

I follow my heart

I commit to my path - I choose aliveness & growth

I invite and allow good to come into my life

I flow like a river & so does my prosperity

I bring love & a positive attitude to everything I do

All the money I spend enriches society and comes back to me multiplied

Everything I give to others is a gift to myself - As I give I receive

Every gift I give others honors & acknowledges their worth

All my money is awaiting my every command to create good in my life

I give generously to myself

I serve others to the best of my ability in all I say and do

I am always being guided to the Higher Solution

I choose to live an abundant life!
~ Believe & Succeed ~
  Your Spiritual Life Matters!
Are you searching for answers that you cannot seem to find in attaining material objects or in relationship pursuits? We often give little attention to our spiritual life until we have a crisis. At that point we feel lost & seek comfort. Sometimes we try to find comfort outside ourselves. The one place to find it is within, yet we may not know how to find our way. Each one of us can find more satisfaction where we feel fulfilled & find that our lives are more satisfying by incorporating a spiritual practice.

Find where your Soul resides
Breaking from the mainstream and finding your own way
♥ Open to the heart-centered day to day awareness
♥ Bring soul down into reality for goal setting
♥ Transfer Interference such as fear into action
♥ Leaving the past behind
♥ List the full support of the Universe & begin to cooperate
♥ Process a clear your issues of your landscape
Are you are looking to find Spiritual depth and connection in you life?  We can explore the many ways in which you can deepen your practice, or look at life from a more spiritual perspective.  I look at your life connecting your physical, emotional and spiritual life and towards finding the balance. 
This basic ‘approach’ is applied to both individual and couples - focused on finding happiness with yourself first, then partnering in love, learning & growing closer together.
I've explored many different paths....Whether you are of Christian faith or Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu - whether you follow the Tao or the Torah, or prefer the teachings of ACIM, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra -
The way home is Lve, the way home is Forgiveness, the way Home....
The core principles immerses a client deeper into him or herself  with awakening self-awareness of his/her impact on the environment, creating:

   ♥ presence - to be more in the moment - reaching inner peace
   ♥ awareness - develop awareness to be more in tune with self, others
   ♥ alignment - creating a sense of 'coming home' to oneself
   ♥ wisdom - opening to deeper learning and reflection
   ♥ creation - 'making it real' - finding the balance
   ♥ taking all that you've uncovered and discovered, allowing synthesis; , creating 



While most of us believe we are separate we are actually all connected to the Creator. How can we achieve peace between ourselves and others? We all have the Light within us and we all walk the same Earth. You and I can explore ways in which we can start to resolve the mind of separation and begin to allow more objectivity with less negativity by examining our thoughts to see how they block your desire for spiritual attainment.
Our bodies are a sacred Temple that houses this Spirit & Light which is our connection to this Source. While our bodies are just temporary vehicles, our Spirit is eternal. So while we are here on this Earth, let's begin to honor this gift of Life we've been given by being gentle with our thoughts; honoring our very being.
As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, I will help you in the areas of Spiritual, Physical and emotional -

gain a deeper connection to self and Source
 creating a sense of peace and integrating these basic principles into Daily Life
 develop more emotionally satisfying relationships with friends, family and couple relatedness
maintain your health, incorporating exercise & whole foods (see the bottom of this page)
to have more energy, strength & centered-ness which in turn gives more emotional satisfaction for sustaining a new focus.
I'm able to give levels of insight into coaching; an intuitive awareness. Knowing when to broach a subject which can assist in creating an aha! moment in the process which is essential in transforming that which no longer serves your growth.

Spiritual Coaching is not therapy -  A spiritual coach teaches you how to live from consciousness and helps you deal with your feelings & needs to experience personal transformation.  You can begin to live a full, aware life by focusing on yourself, providing a holistic approach on where you are now and where you want to be.

You can improve in all areas of your life as you walk your path while having a resource of tools to deal with life's events & struggles - to see the world in a different light so you can live the spiritual life.

    Career Success

"How does one become a Butterfly?  You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a Caterpillar."
~Trina Paulus 'Hope For The Flowers' 

Are you looking to further your career or wanting to change jobs?  Times have changed.  Jobs have become short-term (5 years vs. 30-40 towards retirement). As a Career Coach my finger is on the pulse of current trends.  Certified from Northampton's College Course in Career Development, with recent Workshop participation in Resume Boot Camp|Finding a Job After 50, (Job Search 101 BC Careerlink) and as a former Resume Writer for PR Dann Employment Agency, I can offer you the most progressive approaches to create your CV.
♥ Create your Resume~Career Objective|Marketing Tools|Strategy~Negotiate your Worth
♥ SII evaluation~interest vs. career choices~RIASEC CODE|Organizing the Job Search
Stress Management|Conflict Resolution~Active Listening


I can assist you in finding your most suited career path - to bring those strengths to the job market.  I know what employers are looking for.  You need to tweak that resume so it stands out to focus on what you want to convey to HR to get hired.  You only get 10 seconds to impress on paper.
After you're called for the interview you need to groom yourself for a first impression - It's more than the suit!  Once hired you need to create & develop a positive presence in the workplace.

Maybe you want to start your own business, become your own boss, set your own hours, but you don't know where to begin.  Together we can research the current pulse of your particular project and see if it's a viable one.
Back in 1991 when the recession was upon us, I gave sound advice for some 'out of the box' entrepreneurs.  And for three unique, individual up & coming businesses in Bucks County, PA that were at that time non-mainstream - 
a Lavender farm, an Ostrich farm & a Bison farm. I believed in each person, which is part of the journey and the result?
Each one of them followed my advice and today are still  a thriving, successful business.

We will examine your ideas, your dreams and your passions and find your own road to a fruitful personal career.

Matching the Right People to Jobs
Career Wheel
Occupational Themes| Work Environments to consider
(Based on Holland's RIASEC Code)
Do you work well with objects, tools, machines?  Are you good with data, creative physical, biological or cultural phenomena?  Have you found that you have a knack with words, music or other artistic media to create original products? 
Is working with other people in teaching, curing, leading or helping  satisfying and rewarding?  What about selling to others or leading people?  Maybe your strengths are in written reports, business letters, data or  keeping records.
As a Career Coach with years of experience resulting in satisfied clients, I can empower you to get ahead or begin a start up business and be successful at it!
I'm here to tell you that you can plant the seeds for growth and personal achievement now! Together w-e can map out a plan that will lead to your own personal success providing tools and techniques that will help you master these challenging economic times!
I know these are lean economic times and we must find work to meet the demands of family & lifestyle - this can lead to frustration on all levels, manifesting as symptoms of depression, loss of appetite or the opposite, weight gain,or even Insomnia with other negative results.
You want to find direction and a purpose to life that feeds your passion & expresses more of who you are, unlocking your potential. Coaching is a tool which can help you become more of who you are and what you want  in all areas of your life, effective with men, women and young adults who want to change their current life situation, to find fulfillment, happiness and satisfaction.

Life Wheel Coaching is the perfect 'Feng Shui' approach for every aspect of living and works very well.  It all requires you to participate in areas of your life to create balance & personal fulfillment. 
Sometimes we get lost along the way to where we think we should be going, should be doing.  We feel dissatisfaction following in the footsteps of our father's or mothers desires - a mapped out life for us that was set in motion when we were young.  It was what was expected or we thought it was what we were suppose to want.  Now you are  finding and realizing something is missing, that this isn't what bring you passion, joy or even satisfaction. It brings in the money, but it doesn't feed your soul.
Test Youself
Assign a number from 1 to 10 in each category. Write 1 if you are very unsatisfied and up to 10 if you are totally satisfied with this area of your life. 
Look at your scores -

  • What are the
  •  two lowest scores?
  • What are the two areas you would most like to increase or create more of?
Imagine for a moment how would this make you feel if you could significantly move forward in these 2 areas, then think about what actions  you can take to start fulfilling these areas of your life. Why not start today!!
A study of mentoring techniques most commonly used in business found that the five most commonly used techniques among Mentors were:
Accompanying: making a commitment in a caring way, which involves taking part in the learning process side-by-side with the learner.
Sowing: mentors are often confronted with the difficulty of preparing the learner before he or she is ready to change. Sowing is necessary when you know that what you say may not be understood or even acceptable to learners at first but will make sense and have value when the situation requires it.
Catalyzing: when change reaches a critical level of pressure, learning can escalate. Here the mentor chooses to plunge the learner right into change, provoking a different way of thinking, a change in identity or a re-ordering of values.
Showing: this is making something understandable, or using your own example to demonstrate a skill or activity. You show what you are talking about, you show by your own behavior.
Harvesting: here the mentor focuses on "picking the ripe fruit": it is usually used to create awareness of what was learned by experience and to draw conclusions. The key questions here are: "What have you learned?", "How useful is it?".
Rent a Mentor of Long Island sources say: "There are so many managers who just are clueless about how to motivate people, and they make life miserable" for subordinates, declares Moritz. Formerly a teacher at the UN’s school, then a VP with first Hill & Knowlton and later Lou Harris, Moritz observes that corporate success often subsumes integrity.
Managers often "use fear and shame techniques to get what they want," she says. "People gain financial success at a terrible cost. People have come into my office, closed the door, and started crying. People lose the sense of who they really are, and what they really want."
Mentoring is a personal, developmental relationship in which a more experienced, knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced, usually less knowledgeable person. However, true mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc help. It's about ongoing relationship of learning, dialog, and challenge.
Nancy was keen to observe and write progress notes on each Young Adult (18-25) under her care, and encourage as well as assisted each YA with tasks as wells as reinforce self-reliance. I found Nancy to be a caring individual and a compassionate Mentor who took her position seriously.  I would recommend her as a competent member of staff to any Mental Health Care organization or facility. S.
Building self confidence and self esteem
Eliminating stress, depression, anxiety and worry
Detoxifying the body from the inside out
Goal setting and attainment
Conquering fear
Eliminating limiting beliefs and excuses
Is your child having difficult focusing or studying? Children often begin to begrudge time spent in school and resent homework.  Motivation and study skills are founded in self-respect, self-esteem and understanding.  Let's explore how to deal with study, homework, and your child's presence in school through affirmations, learning patience and finding joy.
Is your child over weight?  It is not a food problem. Let's address this and teach your child to find good eating habits and satisfaction while creating an active, enjoyable life and learn how to balance food, television and computer/text msging habits by using relaxation, positive reinforcement while creating new, positive behavior. 
Does your child get easily frustrated and angry?  Do they act out?  A child's negative behavior always has a purpose behind it. Sometimes it is a feeling of not measuring up or inadequacy on some scale.  We need to address this together to discover the underlaying causes and start creating better coping skills and habits that facilitate their growth for future happiness.
 Health Coaching
A Health Coach is a wellness professional who educates, mentors and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments, motivating individuals to encourage positive health choices, and provide tools that will best fit
the needs of their clients.
I can support you in creating a stress less lifestyle, creating motivation and guidance towards attaining your goals towards a fulfilling life.
I've supported people with one-on-one morning walks, Yoga instruction, cooking demos and and teaching side-by-side at home for healthy ways to add nutritional food to give you energy and optimum health, while designing an outlook on life that replaces negative thinking with more positive ways in which to look at life.
Choosing Whole Foods

The average person’s diet. It usually contains high amounts of processed foods, refined grains, sugar and fats. It is often difficult to avoid parties and other events that have such temptations - and a little nibble or two is challenging to avoid. But you don't want them as part of your everyday diet because we are learning that our health will suffer. Ingesting foods that provide little nutritional benefit can cause serious nutritional deficiencies, over the long haul and have immediate results.
By making small changes to your family's diet the transition will not only be more acceptable, their bodies will also be in harmony and not go through a too fast toxic foods cleansing.
Remember this it is never too late to start. It will be an amazing health & healing journey. You will begin to notice how quickly the poor health habits of your family will begin to disappear when good nutrition is established esp. when they begin to notice that they have more energy, mental clarity, and overall body strength with whole foods!
If you have found that my words have moved you to want to make the changes in your life that you desire, and you are ready to let go of the past, to heal your body - a healthy practice to incorporate into your life that will add a sense of balance, energy, stamina & centeredness includes a healthy eating habits:
Discover tasty whole grain dishes
savory vegetables
hearty bean recipes
These recipes were demonstrated at Whole Foods|Jenkintown in the late Fall of 2001
ADDICTIONS~What is your relationship with FOOD? Do you eat when you are hungry? Do you eat healthy? Do you have a weight issue? Are you an emotional eater? We can address this and explore your eating habits - see if we can tweak your gastronomic indulgences to begin to create a sense of balance
                                                   Results are profound & life-altering 
Phone coaching* is available - an effective way to achieve positive results, especially for someone who travels  extensively and is unable to hold an office appointment and is economical considering the current trend in rising gas prices.  This is also ideal for the person who wants the comforts of home & familiar surroundings that help relax and assist in the Coaching process.  *Phone coaching is also perfect for someone who is housebound due to restrictions in emotional or physical incapacity to travel. 
I'm available statewide, Canada & overseas. Consultations are Free. To schedule an appointment call me @ 267-221-7160. I offer comparable, reasonable rates.
You can schedule your Life Coaching sessions in a more convenient & affordable way withPayPal.  We'll  begin once an appointment is established & after a confirmation is made. 

6 weeks of Coaching .....................................................................................................................$680
If you cannot keep your appointment due to conflict in schedule, a 24 hour notice is required. Last minute/same day cancellations or no show - there is a $50 charge implemented, so please use paypal to hold your appointment with a commitment of $50 and pay the rest - the day of your appointment - or pay it all at once.
Choose from Coaching Service or Health Session
I'm also an experienced Speaker -
Pennsylvania Convention Center| 'Stress Break', followed by a Meditation
Holy Redeemer Health System| "Intuition",
Libertae Halfway House |"How to Love Yourself",
Shawnee at Highpoint| Meditation
                              - and I've been a guest on WDVRFM, Hey-Z Radio Network and on Earth Angels Radio.